View Full Version : FDE in Basildon/Leeds

12th January 2003, 03:14
I have an interview with FirstData Europe next week.

Any help with what technologies they use and in particular the technical test would be appreciated.

I am going for a IBM Mainframe role with CICS/COBOL. O would like to hear from anyone with recent experience of an interview - what are they looking for.


14th January 2003, 10:55
If it's the project I'm thinking of, I'd advise you to steer clear. If I'm correct it is a system called ELA which does automated letter stuff for a major bank.

This is a project which has been through many MANY companies (outsourced) but due to the fact that the FDE people are too wrapped up in politics etc (one of many problems) the project has been dropped by successive companies... (a client must have to be bad to drop a project in these times when the client is still willing to pay the "time and materials")...

I worked on it through a company in gloucestershire and as far as I know when FDE decided to take it on themselves and get contractors in they went to us (the contracting team!) first offering silly rates. But not one person AFAIK took it...

(the above is purely the writers opinnion and experience and in no way represents the views of this board etc etc)