View Full Version : Handheld scanners -do they work?

30th November 2002, 17:30
I've been looking at a way to make my invoicing quicker/easier and am considering scanning receipts 'on the hoof'.

Are hand held scanners worth the money?

Mark Snowdon
1st December 2002, 11:20
We used to have one of the hand held jobs floating about. it was ok - have to move at a constant speed but it did the job.

or do you mean those pen things ?


2nd December 2002, 09:14
Thanks Mark,

I think the pens just do OCR scanning.

Mark Snowdon
2nd December 2002, 11:57

yes, but in theory you could use them to scan the details straight into excel or similar.

dont know anyone who has one so I dont know if they are any good.


2nd December 2002, 15:04
I have seen the pens used quite efficiently to read in news articles from the papers.

You can "train" them to recognise the font used etc. to improve performance.

You will always have to check what has been read in though as there will be errors.

3rd December 2002, 17:06
Still got a little Primax hand scanner with click on motor option knocking about somewhere. To work well with OCR you need not only a steady speed but also to keep it straight on the page to avoid slanty or wavery text.

3rd December 2002, 17:33
Apparently, you need good wrist action, is this you Jacko?

4th December 2002, 08:37
So I've been told Spod....

(Anyway you're not supposed to be here, this was a serious question in a serious forum :) )

And 'hello' back, btw