View Full Version : Urgent Possible 4 week contract Scotland x 2 starting 24/11

4th November 2003, 13:46
I put this up on the PCG forum as well.

Having been through a long pre-tender process, my associates and myself have made the final tender list for a small/medium contract with NHS Scotland.

However, the process has gone on so long that we find ourselves overcomitted so we cannot do the whole thing. The work is broken up into two separate tenders and the first part is a requirement/data gathering and analysis exercise to start 24 Nov with the report delivered by 22 December.

You will be required to visit about 10 Hospitals/Health Trusts gathering info on various systems which will act as feeds to a central datastore. You may have to attend a couple of mtgs with the central IT people in Edinburgh as well but analysis and report writing can be done at home, in the car or wherever you want. Combination of Business and Technical analysis and PM skills will be needed.

If our bid is accepted, we should know by 18th November and you will start on 24 Nov.

If we get this, the second part is likely to follow and is about four months work for two to three people developing the datastore and co-ordinating with suppliers/hospitals/NHSS IT for data feeds/reporting and implementation.

If you are interested either drop me a private or email me at sales@hwr-systems.com in the next couple of days (A.S.A.P) as we have to include subcontractor details in our Tender Document.