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16th October 2002, 11:41
Hope someone can help me with a PC networking problem.

A friend of mine runs a small office. He has a couple of PC’s running Windows 98. These are networked (via Ethernet / windows networking I suppose). He also has a laptop (running windows 95) which he plugs into the network when he needs to.

What he wants to be able to do is take the laptop home with him and be able to dial in to the office and pull files off the main desktop machine to work on them. All the PC’s have modems, but Windows 98 doesn’t seem to support this kind of thing.

Is there a simple solution, or do we need some extra hardware / software?

Mark Snowdon
16th October 2002, 12:36
I would have thought that would work fine, share the folders that contain the info that he wants. In what way doesnt it work ?

If the problem is that the win clients will not support dial in like that have a look at PC Anywhere allows you to control a PC from a remote machine - and you can upload files etc

costs about £20

16th October 2002, 12:49
That’s exactly the problem Mark. I can’t / don’t know how to make the Win98 machine support dial in from the laptop. I’ll look into PC Anywhere.


20th October 2002, 15:39
Go into Add/Remove programs (in control panel).

Click Windows Setup.

Single click communications (not the tick box).

Click Details.

Tick the box for Dial Up Server.

Insert CD and install.

This is a cut down system. It doesn't use TCP/IP but should get you started.