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15th March 2002, 14:46
How does one go about finding out where training courses are held in SAP Basis Administration ?

24th April 2002, 10:17
You could always try the SAP website...


Mark Snowdon
24th April 2002, 10:27
Or is there anyone on this board interested in doing it ?

24th April 2002, 17:47
I've been thinking of adding SAP to my bow and plan on doing a couple of courses at the Leeds venue sometime this year - when I can get some time off!

25th April 2002, 11:42
me too, i'd be interested in looking at it.

27th September 2002, 11:43
Check out www.cybernexus.co.uk. They provide Award winning low cost computer based SAP training. Membership is free. If you join mention me.

27th September 2002, 17:51
if they get rid of the crass flash site entry bandwidth-killer!

28th September 2002, 14:54
Isn’t it typical? I looked at my emails today and thought, that’s nice, a response from someone at www.ezboard.com. They’re probably thanking me for the tip I posted yesterday.

No. Instead of looking to see what Cybernexus had to offer I get an email complaining about the aesthetics of the website.

Go to www.sap.com. No crass flash site there. Save up about £9,000 before you go. Because that’s approximately what SAP would charge to teach you BASIS.

Another non crass flash site is www.Amazon.co.uk. £60 buys you an idiot’s guide to BASIS. Come to think about it you had better buy TWO copies!!!

My friend, if flash irritates you perhaps a career in IT might not be such a good idea.

I here DOS is making a come back, or perhaps you would be better off working on one of the 70's mainframes as a COBOL programmer.

If you had to make a comment “thanks for the info” would have been nice.

Get real, stop winging and get on with it!

28th September 2002, 15:28
That's certainly the impression the web site gives.

28th September 2002, 15:31
what a load of tosh! thankfully my clients don't share your flash-friendly pov. up to you if you want to keep flash fronting your site. for me and, i know, thousands others, that puts the site out of reach.
your call.....

for the record. it was not me who emailed you. I couldn't get into (your?) site since i have acxtivex disabled. being a good citizen, i try to refrain from commenting on that which i haven't seen! :)

28th September 2002, 19:15
AEuropean – Did you miss the point of my comments intentionally or are you just looking for an argument?

As you have not asked about SAP training and have not told us where we can get SAP training, my guess is you’re a Billy no mates who bought a book of quotes for Christmas and is looking for someone to impress.

Well Billy no mates, were all impressed. Impress us some more. Tell us where we can get low cost SAP training. Tell us all about YOUR web site and the thought processes you went through ensuring it was technically, aesthetically and ergonomically perfect. Show us all anything original that YOU have done. We’d all like the chance to comment on it.

Over to you…..

ScotsPine – I received an automated mail from www.zeboard.com

I only wanted to help you guys out and put you onto what I think is a good SAP training service. Your question about training is one I’ve heard a lot. For once I decided I would stop being selfish and take the time to help someone. What happens? I end up in an argument about the merits of flash. That’s why I’m so irritated.

To make matters worse Billy no mates decided to add his worthless contribution.

I apologise for my possibly overreaction to your comments. I am a Cybernexus member and will send them an email about your issues with flash. There is a skip intro option perhaps you could try that. Good luck. If you still can’t get to the web site let me know.

29th September 2002, 16:28
Excellent, I can see you're going to be a lot of fun, keep on posting.