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10th September 2007, 09:44
"Recruiter Magazine"???????

Not THE Recruiter Magazine????????:nerd:eek:

probably not, I didn't realise that someone had collated all those cards from phone boxes... :laugh

10th September 2007, 09:51
I've also noticed that while they've registered they're not interested enough to be active (reading/contributing).

That's pimps for you...*

*Present company excepted, DA

10th September 2007, 10:06
*spends 2 minutes researching*

Hallooo.... I've taken a look at their site and noticed that they'e announcing an article on ... on September 19th.


"Facebook abuse by workers is costing UK companies £132m a day, according to research by Peninsula, the employment law firm."

Are they doing any researching? Looking for more than facebook?

I'll bet they don't bother about legitimate knowledge sharing in Technical, cos that's a posititve spin....:sick

PS - I'm on holiday today....:tongue

10th September 2007, 10:18
PS - I'm on holiday today....:tongue

Why's that - is it your birthday or something??

10th September 2007, 13:20
All will be explained:


10th September 2007, 13:28
Ah, right you are...

not being underhand at then.

..quite the reverse in fact.

(Rats, I suddenly came over all McIntyre-ish.... thought I'd found something fishy...)

10th September 2007, 13:33
(Rats, I suddenly came over all McIntyre-ish.... thought I'd found something fishy...)Er, steady on cojak...