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10th September 2007, 10:47
Or something...


The NHS is safe in our hands...:glasses

10th September 2007, 10:57
An ambulance arrived at a house in Wiltshire where a man who had collapsed, a day after he had died. Eric Tennant collapsed at his home in Trowbridge last Monday.

His wife Audrey said she made three emergency calls and was told it would be more than an hour. When the crew arrived on the day it was too late.

The next day, another ambulance arrived with its lights flashing and sirens sounding. A full ambulance service investigation is under way.This is a Fast Show sketch, isn't it?

10th September 2007, 10:59
...don't tell me ... it's another cunning plan. :alien :D

10th September 2007, 11:05
I thought as much!

On the other hand, perhaps it arrived early for the wife's heart attack...