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7th April 2003, 16:08
My last contract was the end for me in IT I hope and has led to my new business venture as a Professional Investigator. I had to take the agent to the Royal Courts of Justice for all the contractors on one team to get paid + substantial legal costs. All this after the work we were involved on got outsourced to India.

I have included the full investigative story at www.powercode.co.uk/picases.html (http://www.powercode.co.uk/picases.html)

The agent intended to defraud me but gave me a new career instead as I've got fed up waiting for another contract and retrained. Now he is skint. Just hoping this new venture really takes off. Wouldn't mind investigating abuse of Visa's after losing my last contract that way.

7th April 2003, 17:30

How do you "become" or train as a Private Investigator ?


7th April 2003, 17:43

There is distance learning training for example at www.nig.co.uk/academy.html. (http://www.nig.co.uk/academy.html.) No formal qualifications are required for becoming an Investigator but licencing is due in year 2004/5.

The main attribute required is resourcefullness check out www.nig.co.uk for examples of PI work etc. My route in was by becoming a victim of crime and solving itmyself as the Police could not be bothered but I certainly don't suggest that method of learning.

roger rabbit
8th April 2003, 11:02
Good luck to you PI.

Get any cases of extra-marital rumpy pumpy where you have to video the people at it? Hard life but someone's gotta do it I suppose. ;)

8th April 2003, 12:03
Roger Rabbit

I have lots of volunteers for those wanting to do surveillance for the extra-marital stuff. Wait till I launch my new video site!!

8th April 2003, 12:27
That's really bad luck in a way, like becoming a lawyer because you were wrongfully accused and your defence lawyer was a moron. Good luck with your life away from IT ! (Grow a 'tach and drive a Ferrari ...)

I think a lot of us on this board would be interested in tales of successfully moving on to other careers. We're all open to suggestions.