View Full Version : Peter Serafinovich

19th October 2007, 09:26
Anyone catch this series? (on Thursday nights). I thought the Darth Vader G/F skit was very funny also Internet Ham from Sinister.:laugh


19th October 2007, 09:43
Missed it last night but the 70's parenting sketch last week was funny, "babies cry a lot because they can see visions of the future, this one can see the internet and Al Qaeda... whoever they are?"


19th October 2007, 09:54
This week they had "having an orgy". You had fill in a application form of what positions you intended to perform and apply to the local council to get a permit.
Once you had a permit you could display your Orgy licence in your front window to attract participants.

A vicar was required to bless the bed and you needed to consider entertainment e.g. someone to let off stink bombs:laugh