View Full Version : Good Afternoon, one and all.

15th April 2003, 13:33
I was just thinking that maybe it was time to get out and get another new contract with fresh challenges and more money when I bumped into this forum. It seems from reading some of the posts here I should re-think the idea or slit my wrists.

Ive been contracting since 1995, never been out of work, never had much time off and had some good and some crap contracts. I have been contracting at the same company now since 1999 and although I have 6 months left to run I thought maybe it's time to make a change.

Are things really as bad as this forum portrays? I looked on jobserve and there seemed to be a few jobs for me. The thing is though I don't know how many people are applying for them. I guess you know things are bad when you no longer inundated with those agent phone calls asking if you perhaps no someone who has a PC and can use it.

I specialise in Email and have done since 1994/5. I currently do a bit of integration, 3rd/4th line support and a bit of design of MS Exchange 5.5/2000. I have MCP's in all MS Exchange versions from V4 onwards. I have older qualifications too.

Is there much about in my specialised field at the moment? How much difficulty am I likely to have to get another position? Maybe I should wait the 6 months until my current contract is nearly up and check things out then.

Any thoughts?


Mark Snowdon
15th April 2003, 17:57
you were hoping for a more positive reply in this forum you are sadly disapointed.

But then you will be used to that (Exchange....)