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19th April 2002, 17:08
RAMMSHACK (http://www.rammshack.co.uk)

This is just an interim thing, offering good prices - but work is currently underway on a proper interactive on-line store.

I can't wait for this slump in contracting to start earning. I need to eat now - before I start losing weight!!


21st April 2002, 12:36
URL not found @ 12:30 Sunday.

21st April 2002, 15:39
Yes I know - try RAMMShack (http://www.ramms.co.uk/rammshack.htm) in the interim. It will work, shortly.

My business partner is taking care of that side of matters. I told her of the change earlier, and it takes 10 seconds, but she's not around and I don't have access to the server.

This link is just to our quick and dirty interim site - a proper interactive on-line store is in the mill right now, but there are over 850 items, and it takes time.

21st April 2002, 15:51
There you go - original link fixed

22nd April 2002, 14:38
<!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote>Quote:<hr> but there are over 850 items, and it takes time<hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END-->does this mean that will not be basing the site on a database?

If you are thinking about doing all the main stuff based on plain html and only doing the cart with scripting you will be spending more time on maintenance than on spending the proceeds. More error prone too imo

23rd April 2002, 00:09
Yep, its setting up the database that's taking the time - there are no descriptions at the moment, this is just a list of things you can get.

The full site will eventually include descriptions where appropriate, links to manufacturers technical support, Paypal credit card acceptance, etc., etc.

I'm just a really quick typist and while my associate is working on the basic setup of the store, I can get something quick and dirty on line now.

Oh, and we'll be dropping those lines that don't work for us.

27th April 2002, 10:27
do not use Paypal, the are known for not settling accounts !

27th April 2002, 18:31
What makes you say that?

Can you point me in the direction of any relevant information?

I understand that one of the internet printed magazines gave Paypal a good review (havn't read it myself, just what I heard from a friend).