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14th November 2007, 10:04
One of the dodgy agents I am registered with always state in their communications that they have "interview slots already arranged with the client for <date> (usually tomorrow, or the next day)".

What is this all about?

I can see that it encourages people who are available immediately to apply (but surely they are going to do this anyway) but what else is it for?

I've actually replied to a couple stating that I was available immediately, but didn't even get a return phone call. And when I do get through to them, the pre-booked interview date has passed, so it's obviously a scam.

I really don't get it. It seems to me to be self defeating. After I have learnt that this "interview slot" is a fiction, I start to think "what else in the ad is fiction"?

And the one that I have in my in-box today is in a location that isn't great, so I'm going to want a telephone interview first. Yet they (claim) that they want to fill a face to face slot for tomorrow. So as I'm not prepared to do that (assuming I believe it) I won't even bother to apply for a job which might, if handled more slowly, be suitable.

Can anyone explain all this?


14th November 2007, 10:09
It's to trick you into thinking they have loads of contracts available and to put pressure on you to make (bad) decisions quickly.

e.g "Mate, we've got an interview for you tomorrow, only £200 per day I'm afraid, I need to know NOW if you'll take it mate. Cheers geezer, nice one."

khunts the lot of em.

14th November 2007, 10:11
Did a contract once for an agency and did a module on creating, cutting and splicing then posting job ads. The agency had a guy, who in the MD's opinion was an ace at producing ads. His ads could garner more and better quality respondants (In the MDs opinion).
They used to use this guy to train newbies in 'how to write an ad' and some rec cons used to bribe him to write their ads. So its a big thing ,(in their minds) to get the ad right, the agency you describe obviously has a 'syle' and some pr1ck thinks this is a good way to garner a certain type of CV.


14th November 2007, 10:23
I was once offered a contract with IBM starting following week in Frankfurt. I insisted on interview - which they were not keen on. At interview they asked "what would you do if no-one on client site will talk to you?"

I got the job but no budget. All very odd. If something feels odd you are usually right.