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13th August 2002, 12:57
This is what MF says about the Directory.
"Managed to have a look at the database.
Correct - it is exactly the information that an agency would use to contact prospective clients.

I can now add the contents to my database.

No-agency. The answer is yes I think this was a good buy - and in the right hands (mine) will prove very useful.
If you're a lazy git who likes an agency to do all the work dont buy a copy - if you fancy a bit of a head start I would say send £50 to No dash."

13th August 2002, 16:39
So are you still selling the database, I thought you closed it off a couple of weeks ago ??

13th August 2002, 16:52
The site is closing as of 31st August.
Roll up Roll up don't miss the boat.

15th August 2002, 08:44
Oh god - Ive become one of those quoted people

"They were so friendly and helpful - I just couldnt help but smile" - MF from CUK

15th August 2002, 09:57
You to could be like Victor Kiam

15th August 2002, 22:36
Out of curiosity, what are you selling it for?

16th August 2002, 09:13
Email me at info@no-Agency.com and I will let you know what you get. Then you can make me an offer if you like

12th September 2002, 11:19
Contrary to popular belief, Victor Kiam didn't buy the company, his wife bought it for him!

Another useless fact, anybody know any more?

16th December 2002, 21:14
Victor Kiam's wife did NOT buy the company for him. Your post may be useless, but it's not a "fact".

17th December 2002, 09:36
Victor Kiam bought the electric shaver company in a leveraged buyout.

With his wife's money - now f uck off and come back when you know a 'bit'!