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25th October 2002, 09:57
I'm curious as to why you insist on adding a


signature to the bottom of every one of your posts?

do you believe us all to suffer from cronic neck stiffness and tunnel vision or something?

we can, by merely glancing a few centimetres to the left, tell its you wot wrote the post you know =/.

26th November 2002, 11:09
I believe it is some sort of disclaimer - shorthand for "I know the above content is total bollux but I'm posting it anyway in my bid to break the postings counter"

26th November 2002, 11:22
Why are we in the business section?

I bet Milan never comes in here. We can talk about him without him knowing :)

28th November 2002, 16:51
Is his nom-de-guerre an anagram? If yes what Liam ?