View Full Version : PL/1 is alive and kicking

11th November 2003, 16:24
at least it is if you believe JOB/SERVE vacancies ;)

what is going on there ? maybe they have stopped teaching it and gradually the old-timers are popping off one by one.

Surrey, the Midlands and Brussels keep coming up.

I used it at Euroclear in 91/92 - great fun, pity now that I did not keep it up.

12th November 2003, 09:51
I used to train it - it was great for programming deviants to code unmaintainable code with all those non-coded variables... :lol

12th November 2003, 11:17
A bit worrying to think that the majority of the World's clearing bank transactions were being processed by this language in the 80s and 90s :eek

I am sure they have converted it all now to something more stable and user-friendly like Visual C++ :rollin

Actually, being serious now, Euroclear had a very very good environment in place, the testing that we had to go through to get Programs into Production ! well I have never seen the like since. From what I can remember it was the speed of processing that was the key issue. I was there for my TELON (remember that anyone?) and DB2 skills, but I found PL/1 to be fairly easy to pick up.

12th November 2003, 21:41
my dad used to do PL/1 - I remember finding a few books on his bookshelf and I could not understand jack all about :)

13th November 2003, 12:42
What about PL/M then?

28th November 2003, 22:36
had a book on it too but never could grasp it in absence of a computer - really hate learning new languages theoretically