View Full Version : Why do useless people design automated call handling systems?

1st December 2007, 18:26
Just tried to find out the showing time of a film at the local Odeon. Was in a bit of a hurry. This has to be the worst calling/voice recognition system ever.

Apparently, if you want to speak to an operator you have to say 'speak to an operator', according to the girl who I eventually got through to by trial and error. 'So say that in the menu then' I said. How the hell am I supposed to know otherwise?

It's maddening. I just couldn't get the concept through to her. 'All I know is, if you say that, then you get through to one of us'. Really? Thanks for that. And I had to sit through 5 min of crap to get to the buried menu option which informed me of this very fact. Thanks.

I would have used the website, I hear you cry. And the website contains the wrong details. And my gf, who just happened to be passing an Odeon when I called her, popped in to ask, and they were about as helpful as a mouldy sprat.

Ach. I'm off out. :mad

1st December 2007, 21:23
Why, you ask?

0870 numbers, mate. License to print money.

1st December 2007, 21:38
Usually just mashing 0 a lot gets you through to an operator.