View Full Version : Need an SMS bureau - help!

16th November 2003, 12:16
I need an service provider that alllows me to send AND receive SMS messages (bi-directional text messaging services) via HTTPor a web service.

Needs to cater for low to medium volumes. Willing to pay around 6p per text.

Simple billing (e.g. pre-pay) with credits lasting 12 months.

The sort of technology I am thinking of is used for:

Mobile auctions
Polls & Votes
Games & Competitions
Alerts & Information
Ringtones & Logos
Premium rate SMS and reverse billing

Anyone had experience of this sort of thing? Who do you use?

Many thanks,


21st November 2003, 12:59
Take a look at:

www.messages.tv/platforme...=mainfront (http://www.messages.tv/platforme.net?exe=mainfront)

I have tried them out but only while testing and found them to be quite good. They have different rates for different priorities and I got great support during my trial.

21st November 2003, 16:06
Viking you star. They look ideal.

Many thanks. DP.