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5th January 2004, 13:00
Press Release
January 5, 2004

Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen

Foundation of Denmark’s First Pure Nanotechnological Company

Denmark has now got its first company focusing entirely on the fast developing market for nanotechnology. The Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen is hosting the new company, Atomistix ApS, which is developing and marketing software tools for designing nanotechnology materials and devices. The location within the scientific environment shortens the road “from innovation to invoice”.

The Nano-Science Center manager, Professor Thomas Bjørnholm, explains:”I hope our joint efforts with Atomistix will become a role model for other cooperative ventures between the University and private enterprises within nanotechnology. Turning research results efficiently to account in commercial products require close contact with companies, and we are happy that Atomistix chose to move in with us.”

Atomistix’ first software package for modeling electron transport processes at the nanoscale level, TranSIESTA-C, is the result of the efforts of a Danish-Canadian research team. The development was carried out at the Microelectronics Center at the Technical University of Denmark, in a work funded primarily by the Danish Technical Research Council. An agreement has been established between the Technical University of Denmark and Atomistix, allowing the Company to pursue a global commercialization of the software package. Currently, the Company is negotiating contracts with several world leading electronics corporations to apply the Atomistix software tools for the design of new nanotechnological products. The Company has also received a request from the US space administration NASA for a quotation on the software.

Fast growing market
The Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) in Denmark has invested an initial DKK 3.5 million as seed capital in the Company, and CEO Kim Ove Olsen, CAT, explains: “Atomistix is the first Danish company entirely focused on products for the nanotechnology market. It is currently one of the fastest growing markets, and we believe the Atomistix software package is holding tremendous opportunities. The significant interest for the product from leading electronics companies and international nanotechnology research centers demonstrates the strength of the Atomistix market position.”

The smallest building blocks
Nanotechnology employs materials constructed in novel ways from nature’s smallest building blocks, the atoms. On this scale, the property of matter is governed by quantum mechanics, providing opportunities for designing products with entirely new properties. In the world of electronics, nanotechnology will gradually supersede microtechnology and enable construction of tiny molecular computers, millions of times faster than any computers known today. Nanotechnology will provide new construction materials, thousands of times stronger than any materials currently in use. One of the large application areas for nanotechnology based materials is expected to be space flights. In biotechnology and medicine, nanotechnology will provide new methods for efficiently diagnosing and fighting infections and hereditary diseases. Nanotechnology is already here today, for example in the color screens of the latest mobile phones. The current world market for nanotechnology is estimated at USD 80 billion, expected to increase to more than USD 1,000 billion over the next 10 years (source: US National Science Foundation).

More nanotechnology products from Atomistix
Jointly with world leading research centers, notably the Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen where the Company is located, Atomistix will be developing more software tools and methods for designing nanotechnology components and materials. Atomistix will market the existing software product TranSIESTA-C supplemented with new software tools in a package called Atomistix Tool Kit (ATK). The Company has established a research and development agreement with the Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen.

Contact persons
Kurt Stokbro, PhD, CEO of Atomistix, phone (+45) 22 87 40 04
Jeremy Taylor, PhD, Chief Technical Officer of Atomistix, phone (+45) 40 37 10 63
Thomas Magnussen, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Atomistix, phone (+45) 61 65 70 60
Kim Ove Olsen, CEO of CAT, phone (+45) 46 77 59 19
Thomas Bjørnholm, Professor at the Nano-Science Center, the University of Copenhagen, phone (+45) 35 32 18 35
Tobias Hillestrøm, the Technology Transfer Unit, the University of Copenhagen, phone 35 32 63 34
Pieter Tellemann, Professor, the Microelectronic Center, the Technical University of Denmark, phone (+45) 54 25 57 57
Erling Stenby, Professor, the Danish Technical Research Council, phone (+45) 45 25 28 75

Atomistix: www.atomistix.com
CAT: www.catscience.dk
Nano-Science Center, the University of Copenhagen: www.nano.ku.dk

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