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Six Sigma Course
6th January 2004, 17:11
Contained on one CD is 6 Full weeks of Six Sigma
Training material. There is 4 weeks of DMAIC material,
1 week of DFSS (DMADV) material, and a 1 week
refresher course. Additionally included is a number of
templates created to make the tool use easier. This
material is all in MS Powerpoint, Excel, and Word files.
This material was written by Master Black Belt Trainers
with years of experience working with Fortune 100
companies that successfully deployed Six Sigma for
BILLIONS of dollars worth of savings. Literally thousands
of Black Belts have been certified with this material.

visit www.ecinteractive.ca/sixsigma for details

6th January 2004, 23:31

Mark Snowdon
7th January 2004, 18:53
It *is* spam, but it might be of interest to someone ?

it is also in the business section so....

8th January 2004, 09:45
Six weeks of Six Sigma & you'd be ready for the funny farm.

Rates are good though.

12th January 2004, 23:43
Thats a bummer I'm about to sign up for it with my new employer I could have spent a fortune on your courses ( free training and a coffee machine - I'm in heaven, oh and I still run the business at the weekends)