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11th August 2003, 14:26

After a few years of permanent employment I have decided to go contracting and wanted to ask about any agency recommendations. Are the big ones like Computer Futures or Elan, good ones to start with?

Is it normally more preferable to stay with one agency or should I just post my CV to any relevant positions posted on the job sites?

Any input appreciated!


Stephen George
13th August 2003, 00:23

Why are you going contracting? I though the market was stuffed at the moment. What is your skill?


www.redreminder.co.uk (http://www.redreminder.co.uk)

14th August 2003, 21:02
Good luck with the contracting but beware times get hard that you will look for other jobs all the time.

First of all if you go contracting with Computer Futures,
they will put you in the lowest contractor pay scale you could imagine to probably undercut all the other agencies that are charging reasonable prices for a particular contract. Make sure you know what Computer futures are charging the client so you can give them 10% fee instead of something like 40%. All the agencies are generally shrewd negiotators and will beat you down mentally if you show signs of first timers.

Just make sure you check your stuff before you take the knife to the throat.

Good luck.