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6th August 2003, 19:04
Hello there,

I am looking for small, well-defined pieces of work that can be completed in a small amount of time e.g. one to two weeks.

I am a full-time analyst/programmer ( Java / J2EE ), with 4 years of full-time experience. I live in South Africa, and will thus be developing offsite.

What is the recommended procedure for finding such projects ? Anyone know of companies offering such types of work ?

I am available to start working immediately.

6th August 2003, 19:08
You need to contact a lady called Patricia Hewitt, she works with Tony Blair and is Britains Minister for Trade and Industry.

She will give your business all the help it needs to get a sure footing in the UK and win business from UK based clients.

You never know your business may even qualify for some grants from the British Government.

All the best,