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8th August 2003, 03:03
BusinessCircles.com is a networking, advice and community website that will be launched on September 15th. We need beta users to help us test the site during the beta phase, and are giving away a one year free membership for anyone that can help out..
If you can take the time to visit the site a couple times and poke around, let us know your feedback, please sign up for the beta users group by visiting www.BusinessCircles.com

We could also use some article contributions on small business topics if you would like to contribute!

Thanks in advance for the help!

Mateo Baisden


8th August 2003, 06:39
Using IE6 I could find no links on the first page.

So it's just a badly coloured single page site?


Good luck.

8th August 2003, 07:49
errr, not aware of the latest thoughts in colour design, are we?

take a look at www.webpagesthatsuck.com (http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com) to give you a few tips (might stop you from being a headliner there.... :lol )

9th August 2003, 12:01

If you intend to make this site useable in the EU you had better read up on European usability standards - with particular reference to the words protanope and deuteranope.


28th August 2003, 08:57
I agree with all previous comments...:(

16th September 2003, 10:21

Did no one see the following link on the page ?

Click HERE for preview screenshots of the community!

As described, it is a prototype and when you click on the HERE , you get to some screen shots.

I do agree that the colours are a bit too garish, but that is what testing and prototyping are all about.

I would be glad to help, I will send an Email seperately, unfortunately the EMAIL link did not seem to work !!