View Full Version : Reasonable Agency Rate ?

16th September 2003, 10:18
Hi, can anyone tell me what the average agency percentage usually is? ie whats considered to be a fair cut..


16th September 2003, 14:32
more importantly - how much are you happy to get from a contract? What is your 'bottom line'?

Negotiate what you want with the agent. Whatever he negotiates with the client is his business... (This attitude may not be popular amongst others, but the other route caused me too many sleepless nights... :( )

Mark Snowdon
17th September 2003, 09:36
Then think - how much are you prepared to pay for someone to get you a contract ? and then factor the payments, deal with the admin etc, etc,

If you think they charge too much you can always do the cold calling, smoosing etc yourself....