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11th September 2003, 13:25
I have an NT4 server loaded with a full commercial recruitment database for sale - fully searchable CV's - 27000 on it - and client records - 5000 on it. Complete with back up, MS Office and other software. Can be used for any sector but current candidates are IT based

Best offer over £1500 or mail 197jdm@rock.com with a request for my telephone number for more info

12th September 2003, 14:16
197jdm - where are you based? How recent is the data?

15th September 2003, 09:09
Hi, thanks for the response. I'm on the Beds/Bucks/Herts borders

I closed the business in October of last year so data is now approching 12 months old - but still viable of course

If you'd like more info please mail me at 197jdm@rock.com