View Full Version : Newbie...be gentle!

22nd April 2008, 10:58

I've been lurking on the boards for a couple of days. I thought it might be prudent to come on here and see what potential pitfalls there are, get some insider info etc, from people who have been contracting a while.
I've been permie for 5 years and am considering contracting. Although after dealing with some agency half-wits this week I beginning to wonder what I'm getting myself into!
Only after chatting to a few contractor mates and looking on here, have I discovered the 'fake job' blag, the fishing phonecalls, and the 'i've sent your CV to the client' - yeah 'course you have mate. Unfortunately this is all after I got suspicious of a couple of agencies and went trawling for info.
So, in your experience, what agencies are OK (as far as agencies can be) and who should I avoid like the plague?
Oh and since my CV has been searchable I got a phonecall from 'Sunday', I can only assume they got my number off my CV on one of the job boards. I've read some disturbing stuff about them on here too.
Oh joy!