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IR35 Avoider
22nd June 2008, 13:13
No, this is not a slur on the nation's favourite supermarket.

I was in a Tesco store in Melaka this afternoon, and they were selling small bags labelled chicken fertiliser and sheep fertiliser. I employed my powers of deduction and concluded these were not products to facilitate the growth of the aforementioned animals, but the product of such animals intended to facilitate the growth of plants. (My cognitive processes were aided by the fact that I appeared to be in the garden supplies department at the time.) Anyway, there must be a bit of tabloid journalist in me, as I couldn't resist the headline. (The headline was more interesting before the bad-word checker intervened, forcing me not to use the s-word.)

22nd June 2008, 13:15
forcing me not to use the s-word.)


22nd June 2008, 13:17

IR35 Avoider
22nd June 2008, 13:22

Yes, Melaka being Malacca to us colonialists.

Edit: though I see Wikipedia still has it as Malacca, with Melaka just being the Malay spelling. I did actually ask whether Malacca was antiquated, it appears I was given duff information by the natives.

22nd June 2008, 15:51
It may not just be pooh.

It might be carcasses.

23rd June 2008, 07:21
Yep. Did some contracting a while ago for Tescos non UK operations. They don't half sell some wierd shit.

By personal favourite is the massive tank in Tesco Buddors (Budapest) with the pick a live fish method of shopping.