View Full Version : Anyone considered starting an Agency? :-)

22nd May 2002, 11:41
Hi all,

Has anyone ever tried setting up their own agency ? to flush out some of the useless ones (ie. dataworkforce) At least we'd know what we are talking about so should be able to filter out the *******.


22nd May 2002, 14:41
It would never work with market like it is at the moment.


22nd May 2002, 15:51
Yep, thought about it for a few weeks - it's a horrible business.

Question is: what will differentiate you from other agencies?
Cost - reduce your margins compared to others.

Other thing is - you need to be very savvy, a salesman and thick-skinned to get leads - are you prepared to spend days and days on the phone to potential clients?

Not an easy way to make money - I can assure you - it looks easy.