View Full Version : small business gateways...

17th May 2002, 14:11
has anybody had any experience of these? good? bad?

20th May 2002, 20:03
What exactly do you mean by "Small Business Gateway"?

21st May 2002, 11:46
well, up here we have a body called scottish enterprise (don't scoff! :) ) and it's public interface is a collection of these small business gateways. they are supposed to be setup to help startups etc with various things. how they work, i don't yet know. they do however seem to move at the speed of every other government department (apart from ir)...

29th May 2002, 13:20
I have a small business that has been running for the past four years. During this time I have tried contacting all sorts of "gateways", but without any success. It seems that a lot of these organisations gave out money like sweets to start with, got burned, and now trust nobody.

30th May 2002, 08:25
that is beginning to look like the case here :( i can't get them to contact me at all. what a complete shower. but maybe no worse than any other government institution?

roger rabbit
30th May 2002, 09:19
tried local chamber of commerce?