View Full Version : Fortis bank to be nationalised

28th September 2008, 22:09

28th September 2008, 22:15
What do they call it when a nuclear reactor runs out of control and goes into meltdown?

We are in the first stage of a financial China syndrome:(

28th September 2008, 22:51
Things could calm down next morning. If they don't, there will be blood, and I know there's no point in staying in LDN after my current contract runs out.

It will either be a sigh of relief or a realization that our lifestyle is doomed.

It's like you don't know whether you'll get your own firetruck or a severe beating for christmas.

28th September 2008, 23:56
As a Spurs fan I'm glad there are worse things happening out there.

I give it 3 months and everything will be tickety boo, and we will be mid table :)

Moscow Mule
29th September 2008, 03:55
Well, that's a certain financial software companies major source of PS revenue up the swanny then.

I wonder if it's worth me travelling today...