View Full Version : Whats Occuring? Clean up CUK.

29th September 2008, 21:06
Have I missed anything?

It appears a number of our more mature posters have been banned. Well Done Ferrett. Personally hanging is too good for them.

I think you've been far to lenient. I for one found myself banned twice recently from another forum for no more than speaking my mind and using the word flipless.

I think we should clear up CUK. No more of this frivolent chat, Carry On Humour and abusive childish chat. Lets get back to basics!

There's a credit crunch on and you know what that means. In the words of Yoda

Fear leads to Credit Crunches
Credit Crunches lead to Job Losses
Job Losses lead to Suffering
Suffering leads to Skills Shortages
Skills shortages leads to Contracting

29th September 2008, 21:34
True, it's just natural undulations that are on everyone's mind. Some don't yet grasp the gravity of the situation.