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Doggy Styles
4th December 2008, 11:01
How will this pan out?

Positive action for job recruitment to be enshrined in law (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/labour/3546305/Positive-action-for-job-recruitment-to-be-enshrined-in-law.html)

The move allows firms to use "positive action" when recruiting staff to posts which are under-represented by women or ethnic minorities.

Positive action differs from the more controversial positive discrimination because it allows bosses to use race or gender as selection criteria only if candidates are otherwise of equal merit.Really...

Should be fun.

4th December 2008, 15:22
Surely bosses (ie. real world bosses, not those morons in the public service) will just do what bosses have always done...select the one with the big chest puppies!


4th December 2008, 15:27



4th December 2008, 19:16
putting the boot in again to white males

we have zero ****** rights as it is

4th December 2008, 19:18
Is it cos I isn't black?

4th December 2008, 19:21
putting the boot in again to white males

we have zero ****** rights as it is

I'm a white, non-religious, hetrosexual, married male with a job and no criminal record. Everything is my fault....I guess I should go top myself through sheer guilt and shame.

4th December 2008, 19:30
It will only happen in public sector, private companies will offer the job to the best person for the job (after all, it's all about money right)..

No doubt when it doesn't happen properly in the public sector the gay/ethnic/criminal/illegal immigrant will get a seven figure sum for injury to their feelings for being overlooked for that top public office position.

4th December 2008, 19:35
More votes for the BNP.

4th December 2008, 22:06
More votes for the BNP.

'ere hang on - I may be dumb but I'm not desperate!

4th December 2008, 22:09
Is it cos I isn't black?

No, its because you'z iz from da west side.