View Full Version : Euro Crises as Belgium PM Waffles

19th December 2008, 14:08
Pressure was mounting on Thursday night on the Belgian prime minister to resign over allegations that his government had tried to prevent the country’s judges from blocking the dismantling of Fortis, the troubled financial services group.

Cabinet ministers held an emergency meeting to consider accusations that Yves Leterme’s office had sought to influence an appeal court ruling that froze the October break-up of Fortis

The crisis was triggered by the publication on Thursday of a letter from the head of the Supreme Court that claimed officials had intervened in the case.

Madame Bontemps who has a thriving bureau supply for ageing men near the Gare Du Nord Brux openly wept 'It is - ow you say cruel - he was my best customer and liked very much the Leather Umberella'...

Doggy Styles
19th December 2008, 14:11
And his house costs how much?

19th December 2008, 14:12
Oi borrit forra Fiver - Sterling Mate - real wodge.

None of yer Euro crap.

19th December 2008, 14:13
There was no crisis in Euroland when Belgium could not even get the Govt for a long time, so stop your scaremongering Alf and better go look how your beloved Putin is handling the drop in oil price.

19th December 2008, 14:22
Euro Crises as Belgium PM Waffles

I see what you've done there..