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17th March 2009, 07:46

"I make twice what I was earning in retail. I am appreciated by customers and my boss. I can work whenever I want to - it's by far the most gratifying work I've ever had," she says.

Don't get screwed over and watch the pimps.


17th March 2009, 09:02
When "Tay", an IT worker from Christchurch, fell behind on his mortgage payments last year, he found that his job was not paying enough. His only option was a temporary career change: he became a prostitute.

"I needed money fast so I didn't lose my house," he explains.

An angry 30-something with a toothless smile, Tay does not look like the stereotypical IT worker, even in the low-cut dress he wears at work.


17th March 2009, 09:36

18th March 2009, 04:36
ah yes, my plan B... opening "Madam ZaZas Good Time Get Down And Bounce Around House of Pleasure"