View Full Version : Jobserve Email Alerts

18th March 2009, 07:28
Is anyone else having problems with Jobserve Email alerts?
I only receive a few emails of the ones that I should have received according to searches on Jobserve.

I've run a test to receive an alert for all contracts advertised but only received a few all day yesterday. Now I know things are bad but I should have received over 100 emails yesterday.

Anyone else experiencing problems?

18th March 2009, 07:44
Am I not right in thinking that jobserve is a waste of time now anyway? Seems to have been a few posts here saying that only non-jobs are posted there now?

18th March 2009, 21:31
My daily email from them listing all "jobs requiring a genius" has gone down from about 4Mb last year to about 400Kb now.

I assume most of Britain's problems have been resolved lately.