View Full Version : Driving Through Swindon (slight return)

7th August 2009, 06:45
Hey - Alfie !

Aye - Whit ?

Who are you looking at ?

Brain-storming Habit Forming Battle-Warning Weary
Winsome actor Spewing Spineless chilling lines

Critics falling over to tell themselves - Alf's boring
and really not an awful lot of fun.

Well who the hell can Alfred be - when he's never had V.D ?
and he doesn't even sit on toilet seats?

Court-jesting, never-resting --- he must be very cunning
to assume an air of dignity

And bless us all with his Oratory Prowess,
his lame-brained posts
and his jumping in the air.

Every Day his act's the same
And so it must be all a game of chess he's playing

But you're wrong, Iain - you see, it's only Solitaire.

7th August 2009, 07:00
Pretentious shite!

7th August 2009, 07:40
Pretentious tulipe!

Shoo pussycat - Away and play wi 'a ball of string !