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22nd October 2009, 13:09
Yep, another one. Although my contract had either until the end of the year or until I had worked the full 960 hours its been terminated early. I actually worked out that I would have finished the hours at the end of November anyway and wasn't really looking for an extension, although it would have been nice, as the workplace (public sector) and the work (the last 4 weeks I've spent twiddling my thumbs and browsing the net) weren't brilliant. Apparently the main contractor wants their people in and the client wants someone who is more of an admin type rather than a techie which is what I was doing. Also I blagged the contract not really knowing any of the software at all but struggled through and learnt quite a few new skills along the way, which is nice :smokin

I got a mail stating that this week to do only 1 day to handover, then nothing next week, then 3 days (which is what I normally work anyway) to install new servers, then 5 days followed by a 1 day week to handover. So end date is 21st November followed by invoicing. Luckily I knew that I might be out so had already started looking and calls and mails have been flooding in with a very good prospect in Köln to start ASAP (need to do part time first to finish off the current one,) Den Haag and a rather nice part time one in Düsseldorf. Also my USA project is just starting to kick off with an announcement next week.

So life ain't so bad...recession, nah ;)

22nd October 2009, 13:32
That was a long way of saying "no worries" ... :smile