View Full Version : The baroness moves in.

22nd October 2009, 19:55
It's a Danish TV show. Ostensibly, the baroness, upper class pretty girl, moves in to some house, (the wife moves to her castle for 3 days), and the baroness sets about cleaning and tidying the house.

I don't know, but it's just so addictive to watch.

She made the husband tidy his shed. Oh, how I laughed!

22nd October 2009, 20:19
She made the husband tidy his shed.

Is nothing sacred?

22nd October 2009, 21:35
Hopefully, he'll get her to mow her lawn. :D

Or maybe she'll re-arrange his tools?

22nd October 2009, 22:54
That'll bring tears to his eyes. :eek:

Danish? Baroness? You have to admit it does sound like a (specialist) porn movie :laugh