View Full Version : Some of Jed Clampetts favourite sayings

13th November 2009, 13:54
Hot diggety Dog
Well I'll be
You don't say
Now, hear me out

If I think of any more, I'll add them


13th November 2009, 13:56
Thems good chittlings, Grandma....

13th November 2009, 13:57
"one of these days I'm gonna have a big talk with that boy"

13th November 2009, 14:05
Granny. "Moonshine for medicinal purposes only, it's my rheumatiz medicine.

13th November 2009, 14:10
Pearl: Jed, what do you mean you sold the swamp for twenty dollars? It's worth more than that!
Jed: Maybe so, but the man from the oil company set great store by how he was going to pay me in some new kind of dollars.
Pearl: What do you mean? There's no new kind of dollars.
Jed: Well, I heard of gold dollars and silver dollars, but he said he was going to pay me in "million dollars"


I have the 10-DVD set on my shelf and you've made me want to watch them all again now!