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27th February 2004, 08:01
I'm looking for ideas or opinions on the following idea.
My company has recently won the rights to distribute a new range of software from a company based in New Zealand.
So far I've been looking for businesses to become dealers for the software but I'm thinking of changing tack.

I'm looking for ways to attract home workers, mothers returning to work, contractors, freelancers or retired people who are well skilled in I.T. and who would like to earn commission on the sale of each application.

Because the company is still at a start up stage I can't afford to salary anyone just yet which is why the commission approach is so attractive.

Basically, the home worker would receive the same commission and benefits as a dealer would if they were a business but they would essentially represent my business not their own.
My business would do all the marketing and promotion of the software. The homeworker would do is the sale, installation and training and then the business would take over the on-going support of the software.

That's the background, now to the question... what is the best way to attract these people without it looking like just another "get rich quick" scheme?

Mark Snowdon
27th February 2004, 10:24
the idea that they win the customers then you take them over for the longer term isnt going to make you many friends.

27th February 2004, 10:26
Join an ante-natal class.

You will find them full of mothers with years of work experience who would love the chance to earn a bit of extra dosh to spend at Baby Gap.

Women also seem to enjoy talking on the phone.

27th February 2004, 18:10
Offer the people making the sale renewal / ongoing bonus if they do first line support.

Get the software reviewed by one of the PC magazines to give it credibility and coverage.

28th February 2004, 17:16
I think software is too complicated of a product to interest the kind of people who like to get involved in these "schemes" - the simler the product the more people you get involved.

29th February 2004, 20:19
without it looking like just another "get rich quick" scheme?

But that's all it is.

Perhaps you should tell us what this software is!

29th February 2004, 22:15
I hazard to guess that this software will increase size of any given willy by 100% guaranteed :lol

1st April 2004, 14:49
I also seem to remember this company offering me similar software (maybe even the same software) get rich quick schemes are what they say, someone does get rich quick - usually not those who were hoping to though.

Be careful on this one, as the software and site sound familiar and If I came across it then it must have been spam and loads of us get that.