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4th February 2003, 14:49
Anyone interested in a joint partnership venture to create a advertising site exactly like a www.autotrader.co.uk site.

I intend to develop a site exactly like www.autotrader.co.uk, but offer the advertising services to the customers for free. The business concept is to generate competition against market leader on market share and not on profit basis.

My aims are to invest a total of £1000 for the host/advertising and anything else that might occur.

True...Okay.... I can't afford to pay you...But owership of the business will be split equally amongst the partners.

Should the website make a profit or be bought out by autotrader.com or another company, then hopefully we shall be in the money.


I'm in the West Midlands and my email address is bbcdancer@hotmail.com

4th February 2003, 16:42
After you've done it get as many mirrors as possible, If the aim of the game is to get autotrader to buy you out then having 10 domain names would cost them alot more.

Just a little thought I had.. ... ... ... Okay.. I'll get my coat

5th February 2003, 19:39
How do you propose to protect against fake ads?

eg if I place 100 free ads (eg Jag for 270 pounds) with no valid email address and no valid telephone number, you will be looking at a lot of unhappy bunnies because "your site is full of loads of fake ads".

Now I can't think who would do something like that to you (AutoTrader maybe?) - but how do you propose to guard against it without a credit card and money changing hands?? :hat

6th February 2003, 18:31
How have you costed it? I have a website that costs £139 pa to host and I'm allowed a max 3000Mb pm traffic. So far on around 1500 - 2500 hits pm I'm using circa 600Mb pm (circa 0.25Mb per hit - its a graphics rich site), and owt above 3000Mb gets charged at 5p per Mb. So I'm 'allowed' about 12,000 hits pm. Over that and its circa a penny a hit off my credit card!

Have you made any projections on the possible liability if you get huge traffic per month e.g. 50,000 hits or enouth to bother autotrader, which could cost £hundreds pm to finance (could someone check the numbers - they look scary!?).

Or are there much cheaper hosts available?

7th February 2003, 11:05
Im intrested in your proposal, email me to discuss further

7th February 2003, 15:37
sounds ok, email me too


6th March 2003, 19:31
I am definitely interested and have worked for autotrader.co.uk on some of their developments.
I have strong Oracle DBA/Developer skills as well as Java etc.