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5th February 2003, 20:34
Ladies and Gents,

I have a proposition for you...

We're looking to set up a reseller account with a reputable host. This is going to cost us a few hundred extra quid a year...

What I'm offering is a synergy of partnership... I'm looking for people who are looking for a fairly decent web host, and want to pay less.

This is how I see things working. A number of people (from here and other places) show an interest. The cost of the reseller fee is divided equally. You get cheap, decent web-hosting, and we get the starting point to offer managed web hosting to other businesses. You win, we win.

The key features are unlimited space and POP3 Email, autoresponders, sub-domains, full CGI, Perl 5, ASP, PHP4, 10 MySQL Databases, etc.

If you're interested drop me a line, and I can give you all the details.


kevin.davies@cubus-it.co.uk (kevin.davies@cubus-it.co.uk)

7th February 2003, 19:13

sorry about that.... trouble with supplying hosting is that everyone is doing it, so its probally better to sell it with other customer packages. Like support, development, consultancy


8th February 2003, 07:49
Subject says all

8th February 2003, 10:25
Sorry Sysman if you think my post was an ad, I just saw it as a genuine business opportunity (hence posted under the business board).

The reason we're offering just hosting rather than development, consultancy and support (as we will for other clients) is most people who read this board will most likely have their own ideas and sites already.

9th February 2003, 07:40
Fair enough, but here's a tip. The word "synergy" put me off.

10th February 2003, 13:01
I think that there is possibly a latent demand for simple web hosting and advice. Certainly, amongst the people I work with who are not web savvy I think I could drum up a few leads.

I know "everyone is doing it" but it's the contacts that matter. People may be thinking about web hosting but don't know where to go, how much to pay or what the pitfalls are. You could sell to your immediate circle of colleagues/friends/family and probably get enough to make it worthwhile.

10th February 2003, 14:30
Thanks for the advice. I am chatting to work colleagues and friends too...

This part is simply to secure the reseller account. Once this is done we're offering all-in packages for small businesses (i.e. we'll design host, update the site, manange Email, etc).

Not sure what the take-up will be yet - the best way to sell these products are word of mouth - hopefully when it starts it will end up profitable for us.

Thanks again...


23rd February 2003, 21:55
on this board whose every reaction to an idea or opportunity is to knock it down with cynicism and negative comments.

They are eternal tossers who give contractors a bad name earning £12 per hour writing dos scripts. They think everyone else is in the same pitiful situation.

Get a life you freaks ....

nice idea by the way and hope it works out for you.

24th February 2003, 09:21

Bit of interest so far...

Haven't finalised anything yet so there's still time!!!