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17th December 2002, 16:26
If anybody wants to do some advertising to the general public I am now doing ImageAdverts on my picture hosting service...
ie. When people have run out of hosting credits then jpg/png images will still show.... but with a random small ad in the top left
example (http://easypichost.com/addemo)

Normally I will charge £9 per image per month ... but for people here I will do it for a fiver ... or 50 for the year...(all plus VAT)
I have been running it for a month with 3 of my ads and they have had over 10,000 views for each pic
see here (http://n-wise.com/pic/adverts.php)
.. the service has only just started to be listed on google's main list... so I am expecting a lot more views in the future
Ads are png 150x75 or less... and are suitable for all!
Most people display their images on forums or ebay.

email andy@n-wise.com or post here for more info... or if you have any comments or opinions

17th December 2002, 18:07

17th December 2002, 18:21
Do you know, that’s exactly what I was going to say.

Didn’t understand a word of that. Could you explain it again in simple terms for thick people like me?

18th December 2002, 01:01
I run an image hosting service easypichost.com (http://easypichost.com) which people generally use to post images on forums n stuff

To show images people should pay for credits

When they have run out of credits JPG/PNG files (under 175kb) will still show.... but they will get an advert in the top left
eg. easypichost.com/addemo (http://easypichost.com/addemo)

If you want your advert to show, you have to pay!

ok?... I knew I'd never make a good salesman :)

18th December 2002, 08:35
ah! Now I understand.


Mark Snowdon
18th December 2002, 13:45

what sort of click-through rate are you getting ?


18th December 2002, 14:21
As they are just plain images that can be posted anywhere, you can't add a link.... hence no click through and no real way of telling how many people who have seem your ad have decided to go to your site having seen the ad...

Somebody had posted a pic on a popular site which had a few thousand views in an hour last night.... around that time the number of visitors to my site with no referer did seem to increase... but it may have been coincidence.

9th January 2003, 17:34
in the next week or so I'm implementing a blog page for users .... so I will also show advert images in a box of it's own with a link on these pages... I'll let you know what the clickthru rate of this turns out to be.

5th February 2003, 16:16
heh... "next week or so" ... a month later I have just added the journal service....

I've now added things like click through to the advert list page
home.EasyPicHost.com/adverts.php (http://home.EasyPicHost.com/adverts.php)

Quite low at the mo as it's just been me testing.

let me know if you don't understand anything... or are getting bored of me replying to my own posts :p