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7th February 2003, 09:21
This is it!!!!
The product of the decade.
Computers have evolved
The keyboard has not.
This product will sell before you buy it!!!!!

check it out www.huntpeck.biz (http://www.huntpeck.biz) (broadband)
or go to
www.huntpeck.biz/home.htm (http://www.huntpeck.biz/home.htm)

Make 2003 a profitable one be part of the revolution.

7th February 2003, 12:32
An A-Z keyboard! Fantastic. I only wish this was a spoof site.

Oh, if you are going to view the site go for the non-broadband version and turn your speakers off if you are at work.

roger rabbit
7th February 2003, 13:12
Well I''ll say one for you mate - you are certainly a pecker hunter. Your pecker is too small, clearly.

Patent an A-Z keyboard?? :lol

Load of old bollocks. I had an A-Z keyboard about 15 years ago on a Sharp Organiser.

8th February 2003, 07:47
" I had an A-Z keyboard about 15 years ago on a Sharp Organiser."

And coming up to 20 years ago the French Minitel system had one too.

Debbie ITAccounting Online
8th February 2003, 10:10
I'll stick to the old fashioned QWERTY keyboard thankyou. It's taken years to learn to use it and my poor old brain would not thank me for having to start all over again.

9th February 2003, 07:44
"I'll stick to the old fashioned QWERTY keyboard thankyou."

But which variety thereof?

US or UK?
Mainframe or PC?
Laptop or desktop?

This written on a QWERTZ keyboard.
I can do AZERTY too.

:) ;) ;)

Debbie ITAccounting Online
9th February 2003, 08:31
UK - although I have been known to cope with French / Italian.
Desktop pref.
Can do laptop but not so quik and more spekking mistakes

10th February 2003, 01:26
This may be a friend of a friend story, but a friend of mine mentioned a story about a PC engineer going to a school to repair a computer which keys wern't working properly.

Upon arriving at the classroom, the engineer was met by a committee of school kids. Before you enter sir, we'd just like to say it wasn't us.

The teacher explained that the keys weren't typing what the keys states.

You've guessed it, the teacher had prised the key-caps off and ordered them in alphabetical order expecting it to work.

Is this a true story is someone jerking my chain?

10th February 2003, 13:23
How much are they?

Where can I get one?

This kind of thing might just help my luddite other-half get over some of her computer phobia!

12th February 2003, 19:02
This kind of thing might just help my luddite other-half get over some of her computer phobia!

Yeah, what are you gonna do? Beat her over the head with it?

Computers are for men, washing machines and irons are for women!

Spod - In "Why do they always want to steal our toys?" mode!

13th February 2003, 10:41
Scenario 1: Other half hates computers

Always get grief for spending time on computer instead of holding her hand, talking, etc. This includes ridicule in front of her mates when we go out even though my career in IT has (so far, touch wood) supported her and the kids quite nicely (she doesn't work by the way - apart from being Co. Sec.).

Scenario 2: Other half (reluctantly) thinks computers might just be useful.

Still get copious grief about the amount of time and money spent on computers.

Scenario 3: Other half accepts computers and uses them regularly.

Still get a little grief about excessive use but now have much higher budget of time and money without having to buy her a new diamond ring each time I buy a new PC!

Get the picture?