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Brett TD ITAccounting Online
16th December 2002, 18:54
After seeing the response Anders got I though I'd post this position here....

No agencies please.

I'm looking for a Borland Delphi programmer to assist in the development of a client management and financial accounting system.

This opportunity is based in Berkshire within easy reach of the M3 and M4.
There may be a requirement to work in London from time to time.

Knowledge of Linux / Postgres / PHP would be an advantage but not essential.

Reply to: brett.maton@itaccounting.co.uk

17th December 2002, 09:55
You would not think it is an employer's market would you?

17th December 2002, 10:26

Why don't you buy a package "off the shelf"? Much cheaper and less hassle in the long run!

Also, if you insist on having this software developed for you, who is going to project manage?

Have you nailed down your requirements?

Has your high-level design been completed?

By asking for a programmer, I'm assuming that you've also produced your low-level and detailed module design?

Have a chat with Dino Fancellu, he's got a reputation in the industry for magicking projects together, he does write "Lovely Lovely" code even if he says so himself!

Brett TD ITAccounting Online
17th December 2002, 10:59

Yes all the specifications are complete (well nearly).
Why not off the self, we have our reasons which I can't discuss here.


17th December 2002, 11:10
Oh dear, they read this board you know.:\

Brett TD ITAccounting Online
17th December 2002, 11:20
"Oh dear, they read this board you know."


Off the self packages don't fit our requirements either....

19th December 2002, 10:51
Did you get someone?

Brett TD ITAccounting Online
19th December 2002, 12:08
No not yet......

23rd December 2002, 15:04
Brett, I've the skills you need. I've sent you a resume.

Anyone else looking for a Delphi analyst/programmer, bulging backpack of experience, just in from Oz after 3 months travelling and itching to get stuck into another meaty project. Email resume@selador.com.au.

Debbie ITAccounting Online
23rd December 2002, 16:26

Our offices are closed this week, Brett will be back in the office on Monday and will be in touch then.

Have a good Christmas.

Debbie Lane

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Debbie ITAccounting Online
23rd January 2003, 18:06
This position is filled, but we now have a database/web developer requirement (http://subsbench.itaccounting.co.uk).