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30th December 2002, 20:12
With various partners we are setting an on line poker site.

Any suggestion on how to attract traffic to the site?

LiamP, are you not an expert at that?

31st December 2002, 12:44
Theres been a bloke in my local pub who keeps going on about some bloody online poker site - he reckons his brother in law set it up and it's been quite successful.

They use a link through Ladbrookes for getting punters - but then again his B-In Law is Barry Hearn!

31st December 2002, 19:20
McBain, i know an online marketing "expert".I'll discuss next week.

2nd January 2003, 10:57
From what i can see that market is very swamped already and your product will need to be of such a high standard to compete.. Find poker forums or sites that offer advice and swap links. You need to build as many different ways in to your site as possible. If you can get a link with Labrokes get it but i do find that very hard to believe as they have there own casino online.

2nd January 2003, 22:05
Getting traffic is very difficult and requires setting up many other place holder websites, many index pages and targeted advertising. I've built 3 online casinos with my friends, www.venetiangold.com, (http://www.venetiangold.com,) www.paddysgold.com (http://www.paddysgold.com) and www.slotsandthecity.com. (http://www.slotsandthecity.com.) If you like, I could provide more help. I'm also available for contract work.

7th January 2003, 12:53

I saw the various sites you mentioned. Looked very good.

Are they making money?

My proposition is :

Person to person poker (all types of poker).
No other games
Panama registered company
Panama merchant account

I shall be leasing the software. I have not fully evaluated the software.