View Full Version : Anyone know where I can get canine urine in bulk

16th September 2002, 12:05
We are starting a new business venture web site, where contractors can order a range of agency specific gift items, for a small fee and handling charge. The idea is that we will provide a sample set of promotional items for the agency, such as after shave atomisers with the agency logo and contact details on the packaging, and ship to a named individual at the agency. These would then be given as promotional gifts by the agency to its existing and prospective clients, thus increasing its market presence. We feel that this would be a more suitable and long term gift than the ‘crate of wine’ ideas suggested on this site.

17th September 2002, 09:15
Try the Battersea Dog's home in London.
They have lots of dogs.


Darren U
17th September 2002, 12:51
............as does Bradford!!!