View Full Version : The Worst Thing About Contacting!

21st April 2010, 06:40
Is that it provides too much choice & opportunity if you operate your LTD well!

I have a fantastic job offer(perm) which 99% people would bite your hand off for, but which ever way I work it, the contracting route albeit with it's inherent risks over security & bench time still make senses versus signing your life away!!

The perm role has 25 days holiday, pension, bonus, benefits etc etc. With BH thats 7 weeks holiday so basically 45 weeks(lets say 44 if I'm sick!)

I only have to work 38-39 week contract(outside IR35) to take home the same. In addition, I've worked out that if I contract just 26 weeks(basically I need another 13 for the year) and then sack all of my staff at the shop and run it for the rest of the year then I take home more than both the perm and contracting all year route!!

There is nothing Worse and nothing Better than contracting for putting the proverbial 'cash cat' among the pigeons!!! :tantrum:

21st April 2010, 09:16
I would say the worst thing about contracting is taking time off. It is extremely difficult to stop yourself thinking "this day that I'm not working is costing X GBP, or Y EUR," i.e. make hay whilst the sun shines.

I know that path leads to ruin, but it's very tempting.

21st April 2010, 11:05
I would say the worst thing about contracting is not contracting, am I still a contractor when I'm not in contract? I could be retired for all I know. :eek: