View Full Version : Kinsella Solutions or PaySchemePlus??

16th January 2006, 15:18
Hey all, I posted this in Legal but then thought that this might be the better forum for it ..!



I know this has been discussed in this forum to some extent, but it's now been a long time since anyone mentioned either of these companies.

I have not been contracting long but I use my own Ltd company which generates a return of about 65%. This is all fine and dandy except that it would seem possible to achieve anywhere from 75% to 90% with Kinsella or PaySchemePlus. So the temptation bug has bitten.

Has anyone here had any ACTUAL experience with either of these (very similar) schemes?

Is there anything new to learn about the loan schemes that these companies provide?

Thanks in advance!


Sergeant Apone
16th January 2006, 15:31
Any umbrella that claims a return of 90% should be avoided at all costs. They will be doing this in one of two ways:

a) Dodgy off-shore trusts
b) Bogus expenses

Either has a good chance of landing you with a large tax bill, fines and penalties.

16th January 2006, 16:57
Basically, don't be silly. If it were legit, we would all be doing it already...:D