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13th June 2002, 18:18
pub27.ezboard.com/fcukfrm1.showMessage?topicID=849.topic (http://pub27.ezboard.com/fcukfrm1.showMessage?topicID=849.topic)

ref the post above, you can now register at

www.podsol.co.uk/consortium/ (http://www.podsol.co.uk/consortium/)

more will be posted on the site soon...

14th June 2002, 08:44
excuse my stupidity, but what is a contractors' consortium?

What is it for?
What does it do?

As noone wants to hire contractors anymore, who would care that we are all now living inside a database?

Please enlighten me.....

14th June 2002, 11:03
This wouldn't really interest you. It's for people prepared to get off their arses and make the best of the current market situation.

14th June 2002, 12:14
Get off my arse! I wouldn't get off my arse for less than £300/hr mate. Top contractor me. Arrogant, lazy, unemployed and constantly moaning. Have I told you how bad IT is lately? Oh, yesterday, lost track of what day it is......

Seriously, I am doing all I can to get work, including a telesales campaign, registering on every job site on the planet, sending out CV/Consultant profile, ringing old contacts at previous clients, so I am not on my arse (well actually I am cos I'm using a computer).

Just wanted to know what the DB is all about, having missed the original posts, discussion etc.

You are an unforgiving soul aren't you?

14th June 2002, 13:04
Good site ScotsPine and well designed. I thought it could do with more background information, how it all works and any news etc. but good all the same. I've registered but am currently in contract so will update when the time arises.

Best of luck with it.


17th June 2002, 10:04
thanks for the +ve feedback....nobody is quite sure at the moment how it's all going to operate. it is work in progress and i'm sure that if it grows, then operating procedures and structures will evolve. hopefully, the site will become more active and things will take off from there.

dimprawn, the site is a response to the wish for several contractors to form, at least initially, a loose sort of confederation that can be used to target/bid for tenders/contracts in direct competition to other consultancies/body shops. it is as mentioned above, without structure at the present time although hopefully that will emerge through time. just now, it is a zero risk venture that is incurring no real overhead on anybody's part that might just succeed.
to get involved, simply register on the site and state your availability for any projects that are won.

EDIT:having said all that, i get the feeling that we are all waiting for mark to take the lead :)

Mark Snowdon
17th June 2002, 11:47
Point Taken

I have been swamped the last week or so, but should have more time this week.

17th June 2002, 11:52
no point intended, i was just underlining that the initiative is really yours...

18th June 2002, 19:19
Right then!!

So, the DB is up, we've added a bunch of details... what's the next move (aside from getting more details on board!) ??

Seems to me that the posts about this idea have been a little distributed... I'm not entirely sure if I've read all the details... maybe we need a site or a forum or something where people who are on the consortium registry can see the whole battle plan etc...



18th June 2002, 19:37
Oooops.. *slaps head*

Maybe I should have clicked on that link on the consortium website that said "Forum" first before posting that last item...


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18th June 2002, 19:59
yes, sorry about that, its, the forum is cunningly disguised under the 'forum' link to stop unauthorised access....:) ...
EDIT:as a serious addendum, i'm thinking about whether anybody wants to restrict access to the site/forum in any way, shape or fashion?

19th June 2002, 09:28

I did think that access to the forum should - initially at least - be for those who have registered in the consortium.

Seems fair ???

19th June 2002, 09:32
ok, but remember that anybody could register and then gain access. how would you prevent that?

19th June 2002, 10:17
Yeah I thought about that... the train of though goes...

So we restrict access by people having to register...
...but anyone can register...
...so we have some way of verifying the user...
...how the hell do we do that?...
...erm dunno... but who are we trying to restrict anyway?...
...(goes on for a while... takes medication...)...

Basically I think doing that would just be one more hurdle for anyone just wanting to make a mockery of a worthwhile idea to go through... no matter what is put in place I don't think it's going to be possible to vet every registration...

...although I think once the thing starts to move forward that will certainly be neccesary...

19th June 2002, 17:00
Draft marketing data now on the forum... please review.

10th July 2002, 15:05
Strange when we are selling our companies expertise there is no area to add the company name!

I registered all the same though it seems like a very good Idea.

12th July 2002, 16:55
the lines of, the 'consortium' will be another company. we will bid for work under a new, yet-to-be-formed company?