View Full Version : Easiest way of charging small amounts online

1st July 2002, 11:10
I'm currently finishing off a sideline project for which I want to charge users 10p (or 15c) a time for usage. Any idea what is the current best ways for charging consumers £1-5 on an occassional basis (ignoring paypal and nochex which I already know about).

1st July 2002, 22:34
There is no simple way to do this most of the big players wil not touch anything under £3-£5. If you can restrict the use to debit cards the cost per transaction is about 30p (+annual /set-up fees). If you can gaurentee volume reverse billing using SMS is viable but entry costs are high £5-10K and you need serious volume 250K trans per month.

3rd July 2002, 17:06
What about using a premium rate or 0870 line?

Callers phone the line and enter a code using the keypad to pay for goods or services.

The only downside I can see is you need a £25K deposit to setup a premium rate phone line.